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We are a charity that works hard to provide information technology and digital opportunities to millions of African youths, so as to help reduce unemployment and poverty amongst young people in Africa. We work with mentors and partners to help guide and provide support to African youths as they acquire new skills that will make them become the best version of themselves.



To help African youths become the best version of themselves by gaining information technology and digital skills.


  • Provide opportunities, inspiration, information, encouragement, and exposure to ordinary African youth; helping them see beyond their current environment and to aspire to become someone great.
  • Provide African youths access to successful IT and digital mentors that will guide them in becoming the best version of themselves.
  • Help reduce the unemployment rate and poverty amongst African youths by helping them learn IT and digital skills.
  • Help promote integrity, hard work, and discipline as virtues amongst African youths.

Meet our Trustees and Mentors