photo of two old man helping each other

We welcome individuals, organizations and volunteers that would like to partner with us to achieve this great vision. We call our partners MetamorphoseAfrica (MA) Ambassadors, they are the people working behind the scene to ensure we are helping millions of African youths.

What MA Ambassadors do

  • They promote the MetamorphoseAfrica brand on their own platforms, such as websites, social media platforms, events, clubs, etc.
  • They help raise funds to pay for member training, they sponsor our events and our mentees through various mediums like Gofundme, cycling events, running events, personal campaigns, etc.
  • They pay for training and provide internships or jobs for our members and mentees.
  • They volunteer their energy, skills (web development, graphic design, software development, event management, social media management, etc.), experience, and resources to ensure we achieve our vision.
  • They help write articles that will inform, motivate, and encourage our members and mentees.
  • They attend our events and sometimes are asked to speak at our events.

Become an MA ambassador today! Kindly fill out the form below and we will contact you.